• erbaker posted an update 8 years, 1 month ago

    Well, about a month ago, we found what appeared to be the remnants of Harold inside his shell half buried in the sand. As it appeared to be most of his body, including the entire exoskeleton, we believed that he had passed. We discarded the body mournfully, and regretfully. It was quite a shock to us, as he had seemed to be lively and happy, prior to his disappearance. I thought he was simply molting, but after finding his body, decided that it had not been what we had thought. Then- A Christmas Miracle! We heard a clinking, and saw Sheldon over on one side of the tank, but there was movement on the other side as well! Harold had not only abandoned his old body, he had abandoned his old shell and was living the high life as a brand new man! He was sporting completely recovered legs (he had been missing the tip of one when we got him) and a pale shade of pink. I am so excited that we not only did not lose our shelled companion, but instead had a successful molt! Congratulations, Harold!